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Jun. 27th, 2011

06:43 pm - The Week in...Something

Tomorrow am, i will be off to MN for about a week. For five of those days (Wednesday am until Sunday late), i will be out at the SheraTree (Sheraton / DoubleTree) in Bloomington, MN for CONvergence, MN's larger scifi/comic/geek/etc convention. The SheraTree charges exorbitantly for thar Intarwebs, so i'll be out of touch electronically for nearly all of those days (i may try to bugger off to somewhere i can check my email at least once...five days is a long ass-time).

If you need me, you can phone me, though i can't guarantee i'll have the phone on my person or that i'll be able to hear it. Note: my voicemail goes right to Google. Do leave a message, and i'll get it eventually, but don't be stymied by what is evidently a confusing outgoing message. In an emergency, please phone the Sheraton / DoubleTree in Bloomington, MN and ask the front desk to put you through to "The Bridge." That's our main center of Operations and all things helpful at CON. They will be able to find me right quick. If it's the middle of the night and an emergency, you can ask the Sheraton to put you through to the room phone--the room is in my name, so easy enough.

Otherwise, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday am, i will be at marmot Mansion and available there, by phone, or online.




Revised! birdfigment, below has informed me that for the first time, we'll have free WiFi (or possibly cabled net) in the hotel rooms. It will probably be slow has heck with thousands of geeks all trying to use it at once, but it will mean that i can check my email now and again ;)

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Aug. 18th, 2010

12:25 am - Yard Sale This Weekend!

For the stuff i haven't yet sold off, given away, or otherwise divested myself of, i'm planning a yard sale this coming weekend. Have stuff you'd like to get rid of? Please feel free to contact me or come down Saturday and/or Sunday and bring your "other people's treasures" to sell. We have folding tables on which to set things up and will have a very small amount of drinks and snacks (or bring something to share!) I'd like to see you no matter what.

I've done all the advertising on Craigslist and the free-like things, so just show up. I'll have a large collection of books, some audio equipment, video games, do-dads, clothing, and other random things i don't want to drag out of town. If you want any of my personal random crap, you clearly get the friend discount.

I'll start setting up around 8am on Saturday, we'll go until we're bored and then play some games or watch some films or run for adventures. Same plan on Sunday.

19th Ave is a walking street on my block, so that will be handy for people just wandering by, but it does mean you'll have to park in my alley (there's about 4 cars worth of space) or on the street.

Proceeds from my junk go to my moving expedition, from your junk go to you. Anything of mine still knocking about by the week i'll haul to charity or (if it's fancy) Craigslist.

Jul. 20th, 2010

04:32 pm - It's Official

The phrase "Oh snap!" has been changed to "why sir, you really had me there, I have been grandly pwned." Thanks Paul Cornell, you were one of the best CONvergence guests ever!

02:58 am

I know i've been a bit odd lately. Really huge life changes are much more ponderous than they used to be back when i could pick up and leave at will.

I am, however, ok. There's something to be said for trading one dream-worthy potentiality for another.

Jul. 9th, 2010

12:22 pm - 5 Thing thing meme

Okey. Ask me the 5 things...or ask me to ask you the 5 things. Whichever.

Yes, i'm in yr meme, screwing with the prescribed txt.

Jun. 12th, 2010

06:37 am - CD Selling Advice?

So, if i'm going to sell of a heck of a lot of CDs (let's call it somewhere between 500-1000), and my first line of defense will be used CD stores with a back up of pawn shops, here's my query: how do i keep from giving them the impression that i've stolen all of these CDs from someone? Is it sufficient that i'm more than willing to provide ID documentation?

I realise that this is going to be a lot of music and it might worry a shop, but it's going to be easier and more lucrative if i can take the whole bunch into, say, Cheapo, Electric Foetus, or Half Price Books here in Mpls, than to run a hundred at a time to different shops. I just don't want to get flagged for investigation, you know?

Also, _goodmanbrown_ do you still want the CD holders? I might want to keep one or two, but that leaves another dozen or so. And if there are any physical CDs you want that you know i have, speak now, or come paw through them. Part of the project tonight, if i get home from filmatic endeavours in time, is to at least sort them into the ones i'll keep and everything else.


A phonecall to Cheapo nets me the following info:
--The most they pay for a CD is 5$.
--Price depends on condition and whether they have some in stock or ne.
--They *will* separate a collection into piles of "these are worth x or y," so i can easily take anything they won't give me a decent price for and ebay them in groups or yard sale them for 1$ each.
--For huge groups of CDs, they just want you to call ahead and be prepared to drop them off for a day or so.
--They do need a driver's license at the time they pay you.

Now begins the huge project of culling and systematic burning. I really need to work out that whole laptop djing thing!

Jun. 9th, 2010

04:25 pm - Land of public announcements--and stuff you know you want SALE!

Some of you have heard this one already, or at least inklings of it. I'm leaving Minneapolis in a few months. Not exactly sure when, but sometime after CONvergence end and no later than after OmegaCON. I'm going to Atlanta. Yes, it's insane and impulsive and all of those words that start with "i." But it makes me happy to ponder it, and i'm looking forward to the adventure, whatever it may bring. I'll probably elaborate on this all at some stage, but feel free to poke me with questions if you have them.

Howsoever, the real point of this post is that i know i don't want to drive across country with as many of the "nice fings" as i currently have (bonus points for getting that quote snippet).

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Mar. 23rd, 2010

02:57 am - Transylvania Television Pimpin'

So, kids. Transylvania Television, a "retro monster comedy that's really not for kids" needs your help. Here in MN, some friends of mine make a great puppet television show that's been running for two seasons as webisodes. As they've been gracious enough to let me help out on crew, i should pimp them. They really want to get together the money to do a one-hour Halloween special to be aired on actual broadcast television, and are looking for donations to make it go. Check out what they've done already at http://www.transylvania-tv.com/.

If this sort of thing amuses you (and, you're my friends, it should), head over to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/transylvaniatv/transylvania-television-halloween-special/backers and pledge a few bucks. You even get nifty stuff and a nod in the credits if you do. The way Kickstarter works is that if TVTV makes their goal, your plastic is charged and we all get a Halloween special. If they don't make the goal, you're not out a dime. They've until June 6 to make 6k, and they're nearly half-way there already.

So, head to their site, or the Kickstarter site and have a look. If you're clever, you can even spot me holding a light pole and script in a shot during the Kickstarter promo for the donation drive! ;) Even if you can't donate, watch, it's well worth it.

Come on...hilarious adult puppets...you know you want to...

Jan. 23rd, 2010

06:32 am - Just Sayin'

If you're in Albuquerque with nothing to do this evening, the Mpls band All the Pretty Horses are playing at Burt's tonight. Well worth seeing. Get thee to a Tiki Lounge!

Jan. 9th, 2010

05:00 pm - Pimpin' for my local friends

Minneapolis band All the Pretty Horses are going on tour. Specifically, they'll be headed out to Albuquerque on 23 January where you can see them at Burt's Tiki Lounge. Seriously. Go see them. They're very fun and nice people to boot.

If you're feeling smarmy, tell them Minneapolis says hi by way of Abq ;)

Sep. 23rd, 2009

06:52 pm - If you need me...

I'll be at the Terminal Bar. DJing for the Variety Show hosted by Stellar Vector.

Come. It's free, and funny. Keep us company, watch my dye my hair (no kidding).

8-ish to 11.

Aug. 18th, 2009

10:38 pm - Only of Interest to My Medieval-Type Friends (CFPs--K'zoo)

Two CFPs for the sessions sponsored by the Scholarly Community for the Globalization of the Middle Ages (SCGMA) at the 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, May 13-16 2010. Please pass these along if you get a chance.

Globalizing the Middle Ages?Collapse )

Global Progeny: Medievalisms in Children’s and Young Adults’ LiteratureCollapse )

Aug. 15th, 2009

12:11 am - Actual Details about the Concert Tonight, 15 August--From the Charles

What: Music!
Who: The Charles playing real (or possibly "real") things that cause source music and both of us will be spinning at some stage. We don't know (well, he might, but i don't). Plans? Who needs em?
Where: Terminal Bar, 409 E. Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN 55414.
When: 9:30/10:30 pm somewhere between there.
How Much: $5.

Charles sez: "My throaty renditions of Berlin, priceless."

Aug. 13th, 2009

11:30 pm - TC: In the Tradition of Somewhat [sic] Last Minute Band/ DJ Announcements --Saturday

So, the ineffable Charles S. of Stellar Vector and other projects we love (why is it that "ineffable" means "too great for words," but "effable" means "expressive?" I guess he's both...sort of...he's too *something* for words...{ponder}) is playing a solo show at the Terminal Bar on Saturday night. I'm going to help him DJ between/before/during/when he's drunk during sets. I have no idea. I just know that i'm spinning. He's only just got around to practicing today-ish, it seems, so in the great, venerable, and established musical convention, I'm not practicing for my DJ set at all. So there. I DJed a year ago on delightfully cobbled together equipment...i remember how, right? Come see. It will be a mystery one way or another (you're probably hoping it's not "another").

Anyway, three things.

1) If you're free, come out and see us. It's my debut DJing in Mpls, and I'm already a "top international goth DJ, dontcha know?" by virtue of having spun in more than one country (if you can count Ireland as a country...). Oh yeah, and that Charles guy who's headliner and actually plays the instruments and stuff is pretty spiffy too.

2) If you think you might be coming along (or not) and want to hear a specific song during whatever spew i come up with for a setlist, (erm...in reason, it's a sort of synthy, silly night as far as my set will be concerned, with likely some things to just annoy Charles), please to be posting here or txt/IM/emailing before...say...3pm tomorrow so i can attempt to acquire, burn, and bring such things for you (keep in mind i'm studying for exams too. If it's too obscure, gmail your copy to me). I'm also willing to accept bids on what to wear during this momentous occasion. Within reason of the wardrobe you know i probably/ought to have (no, not dressing as a randy Klingon babe...sorry girls).

3) The Details (as such):
What: Music!
Who: The Charles playing real (or possibly "real") things that cause source music and both of us will be spinning at some stage. We don't know (well, he might, but i don't). Plans? Who needs em?
Where: Terminal Bar, 409 E. Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN 55414.
When: I believe 8pm to something or other...the Terminal's website doesn't bother to say.
How Much: Beats me. Again, Terminal Bar's site is a bit lacking. I'm sure i've never paid more than 5$ for a show there. Rest assured that even if there is a cover, any proceeds will go to the Bar and perhaps the actual musician. Random dj girl does it for the...erm...wait...why do i do this? ;)

Ok, snark aside, it would be cool if some of you TC folk had time to pop in. The worst that could happen is that you'd see Charles and i being more goofy than you're used to in a way that makes you snort beer out your nose. There could be dancing girls, there could be pantsless-ness, there could be nudity, or something. The best would be that it will be a really fun time.

Apr. 16th, 2009

09:03 pm - Pimpin' My Friends' Band

It's spring, and that means that the fabulous Minneapolis-local band Stellar Vector (they're pretty stellar to be sure) have come out of their winter recording studio seclusion to play a show, complete with new material. (note to self: too much alliteration in this sentence).

--When, you ask? This Saturday.
--Where, you ask? At some former Masonic temple in the wilds of St. Paul that is actually a residence these days. Old-school house party for the win. Relive your adolescence of seeing bands in basements! Ok, maybe it's not really in the basement. Then again, maybe it is; show up and find out. 1190 James Ave. St. Paul.
--How much, you ask? That's a mystery thus far, but it's sure to be cheap-ish and in support of local music.

Other local cool-type bands are playing as well. I have no idea who, or i'd mention them too, (note to self: why does this rhyme?) but at any rate, you know you want to see them.

The festivities appear to kick-off around 7:30p, but SV doesn't seem to be on until after 9.

I'll be there late-ish, but you'll either find me dancing at the front of the stage or pressed into serving as SV's merch bitch, i'm sure.


From the SV illustrious Drummer tvsteve In the Know:

"The room is upstairs and is awesome. I'm at least fairly sure it's free with donations requested toward Rock The Cause, the charity organization sponsoring the show. Rock The Cause organizes benefit concerts featuring prominent local bands for other charities."


Mar. 24th, 2009

09:10 pm - Windows Users: Important!!

Next week, at 8pm EST/00:00 GST, the Conficker worm will download its next code update..
This from databeast, he's a pro, trust his judgment:


I've spent the last 4 months spending damn near my every waking hour fighting this thing.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about.. just go google 'Conficker' now.. I'll be happy to answer any questions

In the meantime, go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ and downloaded every last update on there

Tell your friends to do the same

If you cant reach that site, you are already infected. Take your machine offline and get it disinfected by a professional.

But remember this, right now If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

Conficker is shaping up to be the scariest, largest botnet ever to have existed. If you use Windows as your operating system, and you dont regularly update it, you are part of the problem, and your computer is likely now the property of some shadowy criminal syndicate based out of God-Knows-Where.

If you arent a Windows user, but you know people who are, tell them the above instructions. We have less than 7 days until what could, in the worst case scenario, be the most destructive event ever witnessed on the internet, a vast, data-stealing network owned by an organized crime syndicate. We aren't talking science fiction here folks.

Mar. 12th, 2009

09:18 pm - Show: Painted Saints and Scarring Party, etc.

Noh Productions Presents:
A SteamPunk Cabaret

Painted Saints
The Scarring Party
The Painted Ladies of the Midnight Muse Review
DJ Blowtorch

Friday, 13 March 2009
Ground Zero (15 4th St NE)
21+ 6$
18+ 8$

Mar. 7th, 2009

12:23 pm - Well, that was fun

The Voltaire show was a smashing success. 300-ish paying hu-mans in the door, most of them early enough to catch Lusurfer, who provided awesome opening band goodness. We had the best sound guy ever. Our super cool fashion designers set up a lovely side stage and had wonderfully dressed models sporting pretty, pretty things to boot. Much fun had, many friends dressed to the nines, much merch sold. A bit of time juggling, but nothing too troublesome. Thanks to everyone who came out, and i hope you had a great time!

Head's up: if you caught Lusurfer, their debut album will be out soon. It's in post production as i speak. Poke at them on MySpazz if you liked them, they'd enjoy that!

Mar. 5th, 2009

07:46 pm - MSP: Voltaire Tomorrow!

Our darling Voltaire returns to Minneapolis this Friday, 6 March 2009. Local favourites Lusurfer are opening and DJ Blowtorch will spin between sets. Also, for your pleasure are MCs Alix and Noh with the fashion of Apatico, Scoundrel's Keep, and Blasphemina's Closet.

Hosted by The Next Element at Ground Zero.

$6 21+
8$ 18+

Dec. 27th, 2008

02:18 pm - Show Tonight!

My wonderful friends The Dregs are putting on the adult version of their Holiday Show this evening. It's just up the road from my place. If anyone would like to join me, we've been promised that they'll sing "The 12 Fucking Birds of Christmas," amongst other gems. And you get the pleasure of my sparkling company (and terrible singing along).

Sadly, the delightful lio is sicker than a very sick thing so will not be raising his eyebrows significantly whilst playing a guitar. Happily, the lovely pied_piper70 has agreed to provide guitar-y support for the band in lio's stead. And i'm sure he can raise his eyebrows with the best of 'em.

The Dregs Holiday Adult Show
(Just like their regular holiday show but with swear words)
Saturday, December 27, 2008 at 10:30pm
Minneapolis Theatre Garage
711 W. Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN

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