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Born Into Brothels - 1370°C

Dec. 4th, 2005

05:26 pm - Born Into Brothels

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It's no secret that i like documentaries quite a lot. My ever-slightly-changing Top 5 list of films always includes at least one documentary (and for the last several years, it's been the same documentary).

Tonight, i watched Born Into Brothels, a piece about an American photographer who went to Calcutta to live with and photograph the prostitutes. In the course of her 2+ years there, she got to know the children who live and work in the brothels and began teaching them photography. The documentary follows a class of children to which she gave point-and-click cameras and taught the fundamentals of composition and such. She ends up displaying some of the children's photos in galleries across the world. To be fair, people probably only came to the gallery openings because of the kids' stories, but some of the photos were good enough that i wish i'd taken them.

The more heart-wrenching part of the film details the photographer's efforts to get these kids into boarding schools outside of Calcutta's red light district, and to get one of them a passport to a photo exhibition in Amsterdam that highlights the photography of children from around the world.

It was very good. Not Top 5 good, but at least Top 10 Documentary good and well worth seeing. So, get thee to Netflix.

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