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Jumping off the bridge - 1370°C

Jan. 5th, 2006

08:02 pm - Jumping off the bridge

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1) One quality you find attractive in elvendude? his motivation to write
2) What is netan9el's favorite movie? dunno
3) What is whooaataaa's shoe size? really dunno
4) Would you ever date phaedrine? she's certainly cute
5) Do you have riotgrrlscout's screenname? erm...other than riotgrrlscout?
6) What word best describes whooaataaa? sweet, but i often comment on her hair
7) What is xaiax's favorite game? all of them?
8) How would hireath kill gothaminserenia? with rats
9) Are phaedrine and _goodmanbrown_ married? nope
10) Is moonsail friends with foxysquid? no, but they'd get along
11) One thing you can't stand about cyniccntrl? his low self-esteem
12) Do you think hacked is hot? maybe
13) If janesusername and _velvetdarkness were spliced together, what would be its name? velvetusername?
14) Would you set up _wirehead_ and whooaataaa? don't think i'd have to
15) Would ad_radian and fractallaw look good together? they wouldn't swing that way
16) Would faelad and imbrium8 make a good couple? hrm. interesting, but both are already involved
17) What animal should djsparkydog be combined with? a falcon
18) Is darkneuro related to pir? no
19) Does ad_radian drink? yar
20) What is luvcraft's favorite color? dunno
21) What languages does hireath speak? English, Ratese, not sure whate else
22) Which president would endon_neu be likely to idolize? i'm not sure he knows the name of a US president ;P
23) Which of your friends should helixnine go out with? not sure
24) What is skywayman allergic to? idiots
25) Do you have a crush on imbrium8? she's lovely
26) Are killbox and kittysilhouette going steady? no
27) What flavor of jello would ersatzsage be? definitely a bitter flavour ;P
28) Does _goodmanbrown_ have a big secret? no
29) If solo_beckett was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? the Evil Doctor
30) 7ghent's hair color? very dark brown
31) Has netan9el dyed their hair? yar
32) How long would kamix2 dating elijahdprophet last? giggle
33) Does skywayman travel a lot? define "a lot"
34) If caitfish and djsparkydog were spliced together, what would it be like? totally bug nuts, but in a good way
35) If cyniccntrl took over the world, who would suffer? me ;)
36) Is ickle_tayto related to you? no
37) What rank would kamix2 have in a giant robot army? commander in cheif
38) Does silverharloe go to your school? no
39) Is ladygaia in a relationship? i don't belive so
40) What planet should elegantelbow be from? Jupiter, but only because it's my favourite
41) How many monkeys could luvcraft fight at once and win against? all of them
42) If luvlylady took over the world, who would be happy? most people i know
43) Thoughts on killbox? he finds things
44) If _goodmanbrown_ had a superpower, what would it be? i'd have to censor that if i answered it
45) Would you make out with darkneuro? don't know her well enough
46) Are killbox and _wirehead_ going out? nope
47) Could you see pixink and skywayman together? actually, yes, but both are involved
48) What would _velvetdarkness give nephster13 for his/her birthday? probably booze
49) What is xaiax's biggest flaw? dunno
50) Would whooaataaa go out with _velvetdarkness? probably not
51) Does faelad smoke? sometimes, but only a pipe
52) Is pixink your best friend? no
53) Has skywayman been to your house/dorm? no, but he's been to other places that were my house at the time
54) alan_ie's eye color? brown...i think. drat
55) What song/movie would you recommend to riotgrrlscout? i'd have to know more about her musical tastes
56) How would skywayman conquer the world? with his computer
57) Would you wrestle silverharloe in jello? lol. i'm sure not actually, but the thought is funny
58) Where would moghendhim most like to visit? another planet, perhaps
59) If hacked and foxysquid were siamese twins, where would they be joined? in the artist center of the brain
60) What animal does hireath remind you of? think i've covered the basic ratness already ;)
61) What do you disagree with elegantelbow about? we've not yet disagreed as far as i remember
62) What is endon_neu's favorite band/artist? eep. these days? Deine Lakaien? something else i recommended? not sure
63) Is kandriasin a nerd? in some senses
64) Is djsparkydog single? nope
65) Does djsparkydog have a dog? no
66) Is tearsofzorro a college student? yes!
67) Have you ever dated fractallaw? no
68) Is mandy12052 a high school student? no
69) Is _wirehead_ athletic? define athletic. i'd say no, but she does do the biking/blading thing occasionally
70) How long have you known suzy_hendrix? nearly 2 years sort of. not at all in real terms
71) Is ad_radian an emo? no, but maybe he should be
72) Does helixnine do drugs? dunno
73) What comic book character would foxysquid be? one of her own
74) Did ilcylic break up with you? no
75) What would ersatzsage do differently in your shoes? figure out what he wants out of life and do it
76) Do mandy12052 and blackberry_roan go to the same school? no
77) What color should squishyent dye their hair? purple
78) How tall is naudia? about my height-ish
79) If hacked commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? every goth/ebm-type/rivet head and other cool kid in town
80) What exotic animal would gothaminserenia like as a pet? a libertarian koala
81) What video game does djsparkydog remind you of? amplitude
82) Where was ersatzsage born? as far as i know, in AZ
83) Where was xaiax born? dunno
84) What would you do if you found out pan_troglodytes has a crush on you? think that it was incredibly unexpected
85) What would you do if elegantelbow died? miss her and wish i'd known her better
86) Does imbrium8 have a crush on groundctrl? nope
87) Is ap0calypse popular? yep
88) Is whooaataaa 1337? not really, but that doesn't make her uncool
89) What is moonsail's favorite food? ?
90) Is ersatzsage dead sexy? that's a strange phrase
91) Where did you first meet hireath? at _wirehead_'s place, i reckon
92) If projectivehex were hanging off a cliff, what would pir do? wonder who he was and then ask him lots of questions and discover he likes good music and computers and pull his sorry ass up
93) Does foxysquid know damndirtyzombie? no
94) Is caitfish introverted or extroverted? extroverted, at least in my presence
95) Would naudia be a better ninja or pirate? ah, this is hard. pirate, i think, from my limited experience
96) What would mandy12052 think of projectivehex? as far as i know, she likes him well enough
97) What do you agree with elvendude about? dunno
98) When did you last call theravada? i never have
99) Have you flirted with skywayman? yep
100) What mental disorder does faelad remind you of? social anxiety....but that's totally biased, and does it count as a mental disorder?


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Date:January 5th, 2006 07:06 pm (UTC)
Excuse the spelling mistakes that i'm way too lazy to go back and edit out.
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Date:January 5th, 2006 09:47 pm (UTC)
That's hilarious!
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Date:January 6th, 2006 09:35 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure those are legal to own. Of course, a libertarian wouldn't see that as an obstacle ...
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Date:January 8th, 2006 04:16 pm (UTC)
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