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Reviews - 1370°C

Mar. 27th, 2006

08:08 am - Reviews

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Weird, but good. I'm not sure i actually understood everything in this film, but it was definitely worth seeing. In addition to generally being facinated with the unfolding of a plot that, if i were to tell you the elements of it would seem mundane, i'm forced to commend Soderbergh for being able to so easily go back and forth between Hollywood blockbusters and tiny, meaningful films like this. Go, you.

Ok, so i'm one of those. I thought Herzog was dead. For whatever reason, i associate him so much with films of the past, i just assumed he'd died long ago. Not so, of course. You might have heard the story of the incredibly stupid man, Timothy Treadwell, who lived with grizzly bears and was subsequently killed (along with his girlfriend) by them. Grizzly Man doesn't paint Timothy Treadwell as stupid (though Treadwell paints himself a bit of a daft hippie in his own recordings), and Herzog doesn't give in to the filmmaker's tendency toward sensationalism; although Treadwell captured the audio of his own death, Herzog doesn't include it in the film. The documentary is 90% made up of Timothy Treadwell's own video and audio footage of the grizzly bears he followed over a decade in Alaska. Herzog narrates, and at times, we see him reacting to Treadwell's videos. I suppose it's more of a collage of one man's life-work than a proper documentary, but it's touching. Sad even. If you have any inclinations toward documentaries (or quasi-documentaries), watch this one.


Obvious. It still rocks.