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Wow - 1370°C

Jul. 24th, 2006

10:29 pm - Wow

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Ok, looking over my notes (really, a long oral presentation that i gave in class about it after which i was supposed to start *writing* the paper, which i didn't do), for my paper on Hali Meiðhad--i've got some quite good ideas. And, so it seems on first glance, i haven't yet been beaten to the punch on all of them, though Katherine Laity does seem to have offhandedly said one of my points as if it didn't need proof. So somewhere along the road, i think someone finally worked out that the text was attempting to recruit virgins, and was not addressed to those who had already chosen virginity, which is what most scholars believed 2 years ago. That's a bit sad, as it was one of my neat bits, but i can rebuild it!