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Academic happiness rambling - 1370°C

Jan. 27th, 2007

01:52 pm - Academic happiness rambling

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I sat down yesterday and listed all the courses i've taken at UMN and all the ones i'll be transferring in. It turns out, gentle reader, that after this semester it is true that i only need one and exactly one Latin course to finish my degree.

Assuming that i can finish my remaining incompletes this term and over the summer, which should be doable, i may well be able to study for my exams in the Fall and take them by the end of that semester.

Assuming i pass, i could be ABD by this time next year.

However, i'm sick of taking classical Latin and really want to do my final course in Medieval Latin. This, it seems, may require some finagling on my part. Namely, finding a professor who will do an independent study with me, or convening a group of like-minded grad students and a mostly hands-off faculty supervisor. And then getting the permission of the Medieval Studies Center to use the result as my final Latin credit. I actually think this is doable as well and will find out in part on Wednesday.

I have also discovered that the new Medieval Professor in the department has a range of interests quite similar to mine and also seems very cool. While i am finished with my English coursework, all of the English medieval courses i've taken have been with my advisor. If i can convince the new guy to do an independent study with me that's directed toward/around the books i will have to read for my exams and/or my dissertation research, i could get in a class with someone different. Considering i'm definitely going to be asking him to be on my committee, this sounds like a good plan. I'm not sure how feasible this is, as it really would have to revolve around my exam studying, or what his schedule might be in the Fall, but i'm prepared to poke at him with a spoon and see what happens.

I would be far too excited if i could manage to complete my exams by the end of my 3rd year (considered early to on-time) rather than holding off 'till my fourth.

Oh, also, imbrium8, if/when you do get accepted to Minnesota, i'm involved in planning fun recruitment activities. Anything exciting you might want to do whilst you're here? ;P


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Date:January 29th, 2007 01:45 am (UTC)
I ... will have to think about that! I'll get back to you.
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