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March 23rd, 2010 - 1370°C — LiveJournal

Mar. 23rd, 2010

02:57 am - Transylvania Television Pimpin'

So, kids. Transylvania Television, a "retro monster comedy that's really not for kids" needs your help. Here in MN, some friends of mine make a great puppet television show that's been running for two seasons as webisodes. As they've been gracious enough to let me help out on crew, i should pimp them. They really want to get together the money to do a one-hour Halloween special to be aired on actual broadcast television, and are looking for donations to make it go. Check out what they've done already at http://www.transylvania-tv.com/.

If this sort of thing amuses you (and, you're my friends, it should), head over to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/transylvaniatv/transylvania-television-halloween-special/backers and pledge a few bucks. You even get nifty stuff and a nod in the credits if you do. The way Kickstarter works is that if TVTV makes their goal, your plastic is charged and we all get a Halloween special. If they don't make the goal, you're not out a dime. They've until June 6 to make 6k, and they're nearly half-way there already.

So, head to their site, or the Kickstarter site and have a look. If you're clever, you can even spot me holding a light pole and script in a shot during the Kickstarter promo for the donation drive! ;) Even if you can't donate, watch, it's well worth it.

Come on...hilarious adult puppets...you know you want to...

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