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June 12th, 2010 - 1370°C — LiveJournal

Jun. 12th, 2010

06:37 am - CD Selling Advice?

So, if i'm going to sell of a heck of a lot of CDs (let's call it somewhere between 500-1000), and my first line of defense will be used CD stores with a back up of pawn shops, here's my query: how do i keep from giving them the impression that i've stolen all of these CDs from someone? Is it sufficient that i'm more than willing to provide ID documentation?

I realise that this is going to be a lot of music and it might worry a shop, but it's going to be easier and more lucrative if i can take the whole bunch into, say, Cheapo, Electric Foetus, or Half Price Books here in Mpls, than to run a hundred at a time to different shops. I just don't want to get flagged for investigation, you know?

Also, _goodmanbrown_ do you still want the CD holders? I might want to keep one or two, but that leaves another dozen or so. And if there are any physical CDs you want that you know i have, speak now, or come paw through them. Part of the project tonight, if i get home from filmatic endeavours in time, is to at least sort them into the ones i'll keep and everything else.


A phonecall to Cheapo nets me the following info:
--The most they pay for a CD is 5$.
--Price depends on condition and whether they have some in stock or ne.
--They *will* separate a collection into piles of "these are worth x or y," so i can easily take anything they won't give me a decent price for and ebay them in groups or yard sale them for 1$ each.
--For huge groups of CDs, they just want you to call ahead and be prepared to drop them off for a day or so.
--They do need a driver's license at the time they pay you.

Now begins the huge project of culling and systematic burning. I really need to work out that whole laptop djing thing!

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