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My phone - 1370°C

Jun. 20th, 2007

07:40 pm - My phone

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Last week, i opened my flip phone and one of the screen hinges snapped off. Since i'll be eligible for a new Verizon phone in a month, i figured i could limp it along until i could get a replacement. However, it dropped to the floor on Monday evening, and the whole screen snapped off. Funny thing is that it still seems to work, i just can't *see* it ;)

So, i reverted to my old phone, which i had wiped of contact list ages back. The nice Verizon phone guy tells me that if i go to the Verizon shop, they *might* be able to fetch my contacts list from the broken one, since it still appears somewhat operational. However, in the mean time, and in the event they can't retrieve them, i don't have any of your phone numbers, because why on earth would i memorize such things anymore? ;P Why can't Verizon work on sim cards like a sensible service?

So, if i ought to have your number, it would be great if you could either zap me a txt or post a comment here (they're screened).