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The last several days have been spent frantically (and sometimes… - 1370°C

Jul. 17th, 2007

01:42 am

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The last several days have been spent frantically (and sometimes lackadaisically) helping alisgray so things for her and saracura's shop.

Today, we ran errands, made fliers about the grand opening party to distribute in the Saloon (we gave out or left around about 100 of them), bought various things and chatted about others. We also managed to make time to eat and play board games with eeediver, who's back early from West Virginia. I think i won Scrabble, but i was royally trounced at Parcheesi.

I find these days that i feel very busy (and occasionally accomplished), but when i write out what i've actually done, it doesn't sound like much. You'll just have to trust me that it was.

For those who are in the Twin Cities and haven't been inundated with spam about this already, SaraCura will be having its official Grand Opening shindig this Saturday, 21 July. There will be music, food, belly dancing, henna tattooing and the like. Plus, i promise, the shop will have something you will find desirable and/or entertaining. Come down and poke the ladies with sticks!