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That there CON post - 1370°C

Jul. 8th, 2008

08:13 pm - That there CON post

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This weekend (for some definitions of weekend) i went to

Hitched a ride with pied_piper70 to the Sheraton Bloomington on Thursday afternoon for the beginning of the 4 days of crazy. Reported dutifully to the dealer room and helped saracura with the booth. Made the acquaintance of the kick-ass guys with demented senses of humour who were selling nice leather goods across the isle. Methinks that we all kept one another sane during the long days ahead.

In no specific order, as the days tend to run together when one gets 8 hours of sleep in four days, a bulleted list of long things will have to suffice.

--While helping pied_piper70 load in his musical gear, saracura sold a ring to Peter Mayhew. I missed it, but did see Mr. Mayhew out and about in various locations (he's pretty hard to miss, being a full 2 feet taller than me) and he seemed to be having a brilliant time. His ring size is 16 (not sure for which finger though).
--Worked a *lot* at the booth. We three sold a tonne of stuff. This was exhausting, what with being "on" and having to make sure merchandise didn't walk off and socialising with various strangers. Still, it was great having a purpose. I'm not sure i could have made it through without something concrete to do for a good portion of 4 days, considering i was huddling in the cinema for hours last year due to social phobia.
--Didn't really get to many panels, as is my (2-year's worth of) tradition. Did go to the Pun-el. Free-for-all, audience participation pun slinging with suggested themes. Not only did i jump right in and exercise my long-unused pun muscles, but i did well enough considering that i didn't come prepared with any "material" as others did. I even got compliments from a few random folk who stopped by the booth in the following days and recognised me from it. Went to part of another panel with dscj, but had to leave early.
--Looked at some pretty art.
--Saw a great flamenco dancer.
--Met a very good slight-of-hand magician (as in, i intellectually understand the "tricks" behind the card tricks he did, but couldn't catch him doing them) who also gives magic lessons. Sadly, he's based in the far reaches of St. Paul, so no magic lessons for me.
--Finally saw Vilification Tennis. It was hilarious, but largely, i think, because the new Sign Language interpreters got way into the fun and were signing pretty goofy things (think: bearded lesbians on parade...don't ask). Not sure that their gig stands up to repeated viewings, but was glad i managed it.
--Discovered that a college acquaintance is con-friendly.
--Met Crist Ballas.
--Saw some people i met last year who remembered me and caught up with them. Met some new people i can see hanging out with *not* at CON.
--Had {boggle} a bit of a fan club.
--Went swimming (and lounged in the hot tub) for the first time since last year.
--Ate a lot of PB&J and rice.
--Sampled tasty mixed drinks courtesy of the various themed rooms. Probably drank more than was reasonable, generally.
--Got temporary bar code tattoo courtesy of Dystopia.
--Hatched plans for next year, with some vaguely official invites to do so.
--Roped 2 people into playing Risk Godstorm (aka "chaos Risk") with me out in the public space. We had lots of people stop by and ask about the game and we were officially filmed playing. I could have easily staged a larger game the next day, but i was wiped out and brain dead.
--Got to see the fancy suite that the CON organisers treat themselves to every year. It's huge and they have their *own* hot tub. I was invited by proxy to a gathering they were having that evening, but again, i was wiped.
--Saw (twice) a locally produced film that was the geekiest thing i'd seen in some time. It's called THAC0 and, predictably, it's about gamers. I laughed so hard my stomach muscles hurt for a day. If you were ever a D&D or other RPG gamer sort, it's a moral imperative. Get thee to their website. Bought a DVD copy it was so good.
--Bar Car. Romulans. Boobies. Again, don't ask.
--Watched 3/4 of Legend. It was even worse, for the most part, as when i saw it as a kid. Thoughts--Tom Cruise used to be cute. Though this time, i wondered how much of their budget went to glitter. No joke, the entire film looked like a fairy puked on it. Tim Curry was still good, but he's good at the worst of times.
--Managed to help get Palpatine the "cheater" vote. Sweet.
--Scored tasty cordials courtesy of liadan_m.
--Saw many costumes, some of them brilliant, some mediocre.
--Bought my mom a way-geeky Soylent Green shirt.
--Was gifted with a glass flask complete with leather holder and a leather mug strap. Not sure what i'll ever use them for, but they're lovely and i'll figure it out.
--Mocked the Abq lunatics.


Oh yeah...braaaaiinzzz

That's all the grues to print that fit.


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Date:July 9th, 2008 04:00 am (UTC)
His ring finger...

So you saw Gabriel dance? He's a super sweetheart. One day you will be introduced.
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Date:July 9th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
I did see him. Didn't get to meet him though. But told the magician-sort (who was the one who suggested i see the dancing) to tell him he was brilliant.
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