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TC: In the Tradition of Somewhat [sic] Last Minute Band/ DJ Announcements --Saturday - 1370°C

Aug. 13th, 2009

11:30 pm - TC: In the Tradition of Somewhat [sic] Last Minute Band/ DJ Announcements --Saturday

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So, the ineffable Charles S. of Stellar Vector and other projects we love (why is it that "ineffable" means "too great for words," but "effable" means "expressive?" I guess he's both...sort of...he's too *something* for words...{ponder}) is playing a solo show at the Terminal Bar on Saturday night. I'm going to help him DJ between/before/during/when he's drunk during sets. I have no idea. I just know that i'm spinning. He's only just got around to practicing today-ish, it seems, so in the great, venerable, and established musical convention, I'm not practicing for my DJ set at all. So there. I DJed a year ago on delightfully cobbled together equipment...i remember how, right? Come see. It will be a mystery one way or another (you're probably hoping it's not "another").

Anyway, three things.

1) If you're free, come out and see us. It's my debut DJing in Mpls, and I'm already a "top international goth DJ, dontcha know?" by virtue of having spun in more than one country (if you can count Ireland as a country...). Oh yeah, and that Charles guy who's headliner and actually plays the instruments and stuff is pretty spiffy too.

2) If you think you might be coming along (or not) and want to hear a specific song during whatever spew i come up with for a setlist, (erm...in reason, it's a sort of synthy, silly night as far as my set will be concerned, with likely some things to just annoy Charles), please to be posting here or txt/IM/emailing before...say...3pm tomorrow so i can attempt to acquire, burn, and bring such things for you (keep in mind i'm studying for exams too. If it's too obscure, gmail your copy to me). I'm also willing to accept bids on what to wear during this momentous occasion. Within reason of the wardrobe you know i probably/ought to have (no, not dressing as a randy Klingon babe...sorry girls).

3) The Details (as such):
What: Music!
Who: The Charles playing real (or possibly "real") things that cause source music and both of us will be spinning at some stage. We don't know (well, he might, but i don't). Plans? Who needs em?
Where: Terminal Bar, 409 E. Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN 55414.
When: I believe 8pm to something or other...the Terminal's website doesn't bother to say.
How Much: Beats me. Again, Terminal Bar's site is a bit lacking. I'm sure i've never paid more than 5$ for a show there. Rest assured that even if there is a cover, any proceeds will go to the Bar and perhaps the actual musician. Random dj girl does it for the...erm...wait...why do i do this? ;)

Ok, snark aside, it would be cool if some of you TC folk had time to pop in. The worst that could happen is that you'd see Charles and i being more goofy than you're used to in a way that makes you snort beer out your nose. There could be dancing girls, there could be pantsless-ness, there could be nudity, or something. The best would be that it will be a really fun time.


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Date:August 19th, 2009 03:59 am (UTC)
Yep. I totally played that. Too bad you weren't there for it ;P
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Date:August 14th, 2009 06:51 pm (UTC)
I can't be there - my time travel coupons expired yesterday.
However, I do have a request:

Basketball Jones!

Love ya!
Go, International Goth DJ Babe ~
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Date:August 14th, 2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
Perhaps the root means "express" so effable means expressive and ineffable means unable to express?
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Date:August 15th, 2009 12:41 am (UTC)

Get with the lingo, girl!

Umm, no, "effable" means something else entirely.

(okay, my "F-able" pun would've at least been slightly funny in person, but it doesn't really work so well in a textual medium...)
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Date:August 15th, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)

Re: Get with the lingo, girl!

{snerk}. I did think of making that joke too, but decided against.
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