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[supply title of Proust work here] - 1370°C

Mar. 12th, 2005

08:57 pm - [supply title of Proust work here]

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back when i was at SJC, _goodmanbrown_, ad_radian, and antiscout had a book in their flat, punningly called "suite haiku" (because the 5 room organised around a living room and bathroom flats at SJC were known as "the suites"). ***see below for real and actual title of the compliation*** when you came to visit them, the custom was to add a new self-created haiku in the book.

i'm sort of missing being able to pick up the book and flip through it, and i do tend to make up my own haiku at random, so here's my offering at the moment. i'm actually thinking a "suite haiku" lj community could be fun.

James Joyce
pugnacious bastard
your superciliousness
shames your own mother

on another note, i have just today discovered what the "paste as text" option does when you're cutting and pasting. i don't think i've ever needed it before today....

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Date:March 12th, 2005 08:30 pm (UTC)

It's not named SuiteHaiku.

Since we started it when we lived downstairs in Suite D4, it was quite aptly named "The D4 Down Poetry Anthology." SuiteHaiku was, instead, the name of my first email address @Hotmail.com, which still exists but gets little use. Since it's been around since whenever I first signed up for it (I think some time in '97), it got to the point where the spam would go over the box's allowed storage capacity within a matter of hours; so, now it's blocked to all but permitted addresses, which are mostly out of date. More importantly, The D4 Down Poetry Anthology is still intact and in my possession. I was thinking of typing it up and posting it somewhere. I'd like to put up a website again, and include the anthology as one of the branches, but it's something that hasn't been a priority. I also really don't feel like writing the HTML again, myself. I someone can't point me toward a free user-friendly windows-compatible drag-N-drop web-authoring software program (hint, hint), that'd be nice.
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Date:March 13th, 2005 05:38 am (UTC)

Re: It's not named SuiteHaiku.

ah, yes! i knew i was forgetting the actual title. i always think of it as the suite haiku book, obviously conflating it in my mind with your email address.

as far as web authoring via drag and click goes, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page: http://www.thefreecountry.com/webmaster/htmleditors.shtml it lists a few, but i dont know anything about them other than amaya, which i've heard 2nd hand is pretty good.
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Date:March 13th, 2005 12:35 pm (UTC)

Re: htmleditors

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