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This is only a test... - 1370°C

Aug. 4th, 2004

05:30 pm - This is only a test...

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i have a matchbook that says "This is only a test. If this were a real emergency, you would be instructed to go to another matchbook."

i went to our local club on Monday, which was, undeniably, a mixed experience. for a bit, i sat in a corner on the stairs expecting one of you to come through the door. but the only people who came in were Dove, Terra, Io, and the guy i met before i left whose name i can't remember. they are all good people, but i don't have any real connection with any of them (probably my own fault though).

things about the Monday night club here:
-they play lots of actual "goth" music
-the dj's can't really beat match
-this Monday, they played a 5 song set of horrible metal/industrial covers of 80's music
-they have a snow machine (like a bubble or fog machine, but it makes snow)
-the djs like to play undanceable stuff at about midnight...Bjork with no beat, that sort of thing
-it is now open until 2am (just happened a few months ago)
-it's a gay bar most times, and the gay bois hang out in the 2nd bar area during spooky night...but they do *not* grind on the dancefloor. when they dance, they're pretty classy about it.
-we won't be able to smoke in there come September (city-wide law)
-there's never much new music i haven't heard before, but they will play *anything* on request
-i need to give them a RAM cd when the cds are out
-the drinks are strong, but maybe that's just because i flirt with the cute girl bartender
-everyone dances in a very bouncy fashion

instead of dancing more, i sat around comparing the Monday club to Euphoria. i probably should have danced more.

Current Music: stuff i've never heard before which i don't know what it is


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Date:September 5th, 2004 04:48 pm (UTC)
Hey there stranger! Fun seeing ya out again last night. And what a surprise to find out you've been in our little LJ world this whole time. It's funny, LJ has become the best way to stay in touch with people, some of whom I rarely see out.

Yeah, they do still play actual goth tracks on Hard Mondays, though much of it is the techno "neo-goth". They usually switch to straight techno starting around 1am for some reason. Yes, the gay boys are well behaved on monday nights ... I haven't been hit on in many months ... I guess they "know" by now. Did you see that glass cubicle last time you were there? I stopped in a couple weeks ago to meet a friend on a gay night, and they had a naked man in there, showering. Fortunately he was holding a towel over his "area" as I walked past, so I was spared possible blindness! Heh. One other time I was dragged in there by the same friend, on a saturday I think ... I tried to hide in a dark corner up on the stage ... I assure you, they do grind quite brazenly the other nights of the week, and they're not shy about approaching strangers.

BTW, I don't ever remember the DJs playing anything off that one CD you gave them, even after I gave it back to them (their loss!). I think they only play stuff when they know you're there. Your best bet is to bring in a disc and request just one song off it.
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