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what do we do today? - 1370°C

May. 30th, 2005

06:53 am - what do we do today?

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killbox has made 6 suggestions for answers to the eternal question 'what should we go do for fun?' and challenged those on his friends list to add 6 more and post it all in their journal. so, here are mine, and as he says "your task should you choose to accept, is to copy this list, add 6+ more and post it on your lj, feel free to comment here with a link or your additions." some of killbox's are Abq specific, but mine aren't specific to anywhere.

1 A Dollar movie,
2 Go out for Chai, or Tea
3 a drive to Tijeras fossil hunting
4 have a picnic
5 call up friends and invite them to watch a movie,
6 buy a 5th if whiskey and some skittles (go on a vision quest)

7 go to a museum
8 pick a town with an interesting name and drive there just to see what wonders the town holds
9 play a game (or, better yet, make up a new game and then play it)
10 have a bonfire (or a grill fire, or a fireplace fire, or turn on your gas burner) and make toasted marshmallows or s'mores
11 take a disposable camera out, and ask a random stranger to photograph you in front of something touristy. then ask if *they* want to join the photo, since they were so cool about taking your photo, and co-opt some other random stranger into taking *that* picture. repeat until you have an entire photo full of random strangers.
12 go out to somewhere high and clear and watch the stars.