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promised review - 1370°C

Jun. 17th, 2005

10:12 pm - promised review

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so, two weeks ago, cyniccntrl, endon_neu, and i went to see Patrick Wolf play at a little place called Crawdaddy down the street from where i live. the crowd was small, and we managed to miss what was evidently an abysmal opening act. two other darkling types were there, and i got to geek out with them about Patrick Wolf for a bit and kvetch about how other people should listen to him.

i was terribly excited, but when he finally came on stage, i became immediately suspicious. though part Bowie and part emo/indie rocker, the pale, lovely, scrawny Patrick Wolf came on stage with his ukulele (occasionally switching to another instrument), and a guy with a drum kit. that's it. no fancy stuff at all. my first thought was, "oh hell, it's just going to ruin 'The Libertine' not to have the correct instruments in it" (if you missed this song when i played it on Trinity FM, dl it or ask me for it, it's worth hearing).

however, my initial trepidation was totally unfounded. the show was easily the best tiny show i've seen to date. a really nice cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" and a heartbreaking new song called "Magpie" (i cried, but not nearly as much as when i saw Beborn Beton perform "Elaine" live) rounded out songs from Wind in the Wires and the older Lycanthropy. he didn't seem to mind that there were only about 20 or so of us in the audience, most of whom didn't seem to have heard his stuff before; everything sounded lovely (even "The Libertine" and "Tristan" sans fancy synth sound effects); and he chatted pleasantly with the audience both during the show and while signing cds afterwards (he asked me my name and signed mine "to gabriel...an angel"). all-in-all, a wonderful experience that i'd gladly pay 15 euro to repeat.

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