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the grid, my place on. plus creative stuff - 1370°C

Aug. 30th, 2005

08:35 am - the grid, my place on. plus creative stuff

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aah. sometime today i will have my mobile phone back, which will be nice, but i have to say i haven't really been missing it too much, other than the random urge to txt people while i'm at work to annoy them. however, it is likely that tonight, my regularly scheduled phone service will resume. if not, then tomorrow for sure. don't all clamour to ring me at once, k? ;P

i will also have my digital camera back, which is a much better thing.

which brings me to the "stuff" part of this post. lately, i've been in a flurry/frenzy of journal making. "what?" you ask. yes, journal making. i learned how to make pretty journal books and have been doing them *very* sporadically for about a year. so far the user formerly known as damndirtyzombie as well as _goodmanbrown_, nephster13, ickle_tayto, and endon_neu have all been recipients, i'm sure their eyes asparkle with the possibilities of those fancily-bound blank pages. since i bought more supplies when i was in Abq in May, have finally got a creative cattle prodding, and realise that i don't want to haul many pounds of book board *back* to the States, i've started churning them out fairly speedily. so far, i've got 2 completed ones in my flat (one of which i'm keeping to myself), plus finished covers for 3 more, book board marked out for another, and one big peice of book board left that will likely make about board marked out for 4 more. as soon as i have my camera back, i will start photographing them before i give them away...silly not to document something that's starting to seem a bit like artwork.

and with luck, i will also have shiny new hair dye this eve or tomorrow (/me stares plaintively at gothicfurby)

welcome home gothicfurby and alan_ie, hope you had a brilliant time in Germany

and Happy Birthday to my Mom! (who doesn't read lj, but hey...) ;P

Current Mood: happy. weird.


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Date:August 30th, 2005 01:45 am (UTC)
It is a lovely journal.. I am looking for a decnt pen to use in it.. It calls out for a decent pen.. possibly of the fountain variety..
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