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372 words about hurricanes - 1370°C

Sep. 2nd, 2005

04:34 am - 372 words about hurricanes

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i grew up in Maryland. until i left, the state had never seen a single tornado. my first tornado was in Texas, woken starkly by the sirens, standing outside with N., holding a terrified and wet 1/4 wolf pup, staring up at the swirling green sky and knowing that if it hit our campground, there would be nothing we could do. watching the funnel touch down and driving, a few days later, to see the houses it had levelled to a pile of bricks. clearly the most stark representation of Nature's force i'd ever seen.

but hurricanes i'd lived with my entire life. when i was a kid...i can't remember quite how old, old enough that my parents had their Condo at the beach in Ocean City, but not so old that they had yet let me take a friend to the beach with me (imagine me, stuck alone, pretty much every weekend summer and winter, with just my parents and books for company. however, it's also where i first saw Red Dwarf, so that's a bonus). there was a hurricane that hit the coast. people evacuated, but we didn't. instead, we sat on the balcony of our 3rd floor Condo (the Condos on the 1st floor flooded) and video taped it.

on the beach there are these enormous wooden containers (maybe 10 foot by 6 foot by 5 foot high?). they hold boogie boards, beach umbrellas and chairs, and other nonsense that people might want to rent for their day at the beach. they're big, heavy and loaded to the brim with *stuff.* my father has VHS footage of one of these things rolling down the beach like it's a plastic bag on a walkway.

hurricanes never frightened me. they were just big storms, wind and water. not like the chaotic and ineffable vortex of a tornado. something about Katrina is getting to me. i don't really understand. don't flame me, but as much as the twin towers were a tragedy, their fallling was aesthetically *beautiful,* the burning and collapsing making art of a bit of mediocre architecture; "beauty in the breakdown" or something....but this storm. it's only ruining something amazing. meh. {/weight of world on shoulders}