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Not a good day for Albuquerque - 1370°C

Oct. 5th, 2005

08:28 am - Not a good day for Albuquerque

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Date:October 6th, 2005 11:02 pm (UTC)
I assume if I hold a gun to your head and tell you to take a $5.15/hr job or die, that you have not voluntarily agreed to take the job. Why would you suppose that the case is different when the consequences of failing to take the job are not a bullet in the head, but rather eviction, destitution, hunger, social ostracism, and cold?

Well, if someone pulled a weapon on you, then it is a crime. And I would hope you've taken a self-defense class, or have a pistol on you with which you could defend yourself.

People have many options where their lifestyle is concerned, since everyone ultimately has control over both their income & expenses (as elaborated in my response to ferrousoxide below).

Eviction would not be pleasant ... but then again, that person shouldn't have agreed to live someplace where the rent costs exceed what their income could handle ... or else they shouldn't have accepted a job that was inadequate to cover all the expenses he/she wished to incur.

The mere fact that an employer and an employee have entered into an agreement provides exactly no evidence that the agreement is fair.

What's fair? I'm serious. What is "fair" ... exactly? What one person sees as fair, another person will perceive as unacceptable to them. Which is why such decisions are best left only to those individuals directly involved (an employer & an employee in this case) ... and why these decisions should be kept out of the domain of others who are uninvolved but who would claim to know what's best for both, without ever knowing the exact circumstances or even being personally acquainted with either of them.
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